Cost of Stopping Workouts

In over 25 years of working in the health and fitness industry I have seen many things come and go when it comes to programs, facilities as well as clients.  One of the observations I have is that so many people start and stop fitness or wellness programs.

My head immediately goes to why do people start and stop programs?What are the costs of starting and stopping programs?  Who do these costs affect over time?  Are we talking about an expense or an investment?  I think it is easier for people to think of making an investment in the beginning.  Results can after all come quickly at first, and the apparent value in what you are doing seems high!  But, over time I see individuals lose sight of the value investing in health and fitness.  This is even more apparent for some once they achieve a goal of weight loss, or are happier about how they feel in their own skin.  I think even for people that are good at financially investing it becomes tempting to go on that extra vacation or buy the dream car as you get more financially comfortable.  This can lead to a slippery slope.  The difference between your finances and your fitness is you see it in your statement each month.  Your fund does not grow as much.   Or, maybe it decreases in value.

When you divest in exercise and stop exercising (which should be 4 days per week) a loss of muscle mass and bone density starts after two weeks time and much can be lost just as if you made a poor investment and lost everything two we

So, is this a cost or is it a divestment of hard work and dedication when you stop exercising?

Exercise is the strongest most effective medicine ever created.  A number of years ago a major study concluded that the power of exercise was so significant.  So significant in fact that the study showed that many people could smoke while also being active exercising and have a better mortality rates (i.e. live longer) than those that did not exercise and did not smoke.  A pretty powerful statement I would say.  Investing your time in physical exercise that benefits all the systems of your body is the best way to stay healthy, strong and vibrant!  There is not a better investment of time, energy and your finances.

Are you a investor\divestor in your health & fitness?

It is pretty clear that if you are not exercising 4 days per week you may be divesting in your fitness level.  By divesting you are not only losing ground fitness wise, but your risks for other chronic diseases exponentially increases.  Diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, certain forms of cancer, COPD, etc and all looming and on top of that you may not look the same in your swim suit!

Just like we need to be smart about where we put our money and investments, you also need to be smart about the use of your time and be sure to leave time to invest time into YOU!  Is there a guarantee that if you do ugly things will never happen?  Absolutely not.  However, your odds will be much better with keeping exercise part of your life!

By investing 4 days per week in strength training and metabolic exercise that is effectively designed you can accomplish great things such as:

  1. Improved resting heart rate
  2. Improved vascular health
  3. Decreased sense of breathlessness
  4. Stronger respiratory muscles
  5. A leaner body
  6. Improved strength for daily tasks
  7. Improved bone density
  8. Improve or maintain mobility
  9. Greater sense of confidence
  10. Healthy metabolism and blood chemistry

Tips to keep growing your health and fitness investments:

  1. Engage weekly with your fitness facility
  2. Find a facility with a healthy culture that promotes improvement and encourages each other
  3. Determine your detractors.  Make a list of things that pull you away from regular exercise.  Either manage them so that they do not pull you away or get them out of your life.
  4. Work to make your active lifestyle fun.  Go with friends, make new friends and appreciate those around you on a similar journey!
  5. Love yourself enough to place a portion of your day\week as a priority just for the most important asset you have.. (YOU).

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Solve Your Diet Problems With One Question

Do you have difficulty selecting the right kind and amounts of food to eat throughout the day?  If so, you will want to read this article from TFW Founder, Martin Rooney about the secret question he discovered to solve all your nutrition and diet issues.  Answer the question correctly and watch your life change.

As a “fitness guy,” you might think working out and eating right is easy for me.  Maybe you believe I spend my time in between multiple workouts a day eating brussel sprouts and grilled chicken with nothing but a smile on my face because of some enhanced ability to delay gratification.

Perhaps you imagine I am also impervious to the confusion caused by the latest diet fad and just munch on celery sticks while dreaming up my next warrior workout.

I wish I could say I you’re right, but I can’t.

Just like you, I face daily challenges in terms of my health and fitness.  My biggest health challenge isn’t getting to the gym.

To be honest, my toughest health obstacle has to do with my eating.

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But just like I love to train, I also love to eat.

When it comes to eating, however, satisfying my body and mind is not so easy.  I have learned overloading your plate isn’t as positive as overloading your deadlift.

If you also have some challenges with your eating, I have great news!

I have a way to help.  Before I give you the answer, I want to ask you 10 QUESTIONS about your past diet practices:

Have you ever eaten too much only ask “Why did I just do that?”

Have you ever found it difficult to stop eating until your plate is empty?

Do you ever select a restaurant according to how much food you get per serving?

Do you ever eat so fast you didn’t even notice the taste or texture of the food?

Do you care less about the quality of your food as the amount increases?  (Buffet anyone?)

 Do you find yourself snacking at work because food is there?

Do you ever eat out of boredom? 

Do you find yourself eating for entertainment or out of emotion?

Do you ever feel bad or guilty about the things you ate?

Is your family or social life centered around food or drink consumption?

If you answered “yes” to any (or many) of the QUESTIONS above, you are just like me.

I have been a culprit of eating too much, thinking consistent exercise was a license to eat whatever I wanted, eating when I was distracted, inhaling jars of “natural” peanut butter because I thought it was healthy, and racing up for seconds to make sure I got as much food as possible before I got full.

I have realized I have some mental programs that create challenges with my eating. If you answered “yes” to some of the questions above, maybe you have some bad eating programs too.

Why do you have these mental programs about eating?

You can blame your post-Depression era parents or grandparents.

You can blame the marketers and the fast food companies.

You can blame the starving people from around the world you were warned about as a child.

Go ahead.  Blame the carbs.

Blame the fats.

But that won’t help you.

You need to do something to “change the program” and I have one

QUESTION that can help.

This is the QUESTION I now ask before every meal and it is helping me.

This QUESTION helps me to take and eat less food.

This QUESTION allows me to leave something on my plate.

This QUESTION taught me not having seconds is ok.

This QUESTION stops me from stuffing myself when I am no longer hungry.

This QUESTION has been so powerful for me, I want to give this gift to you.


How does it work?

Right before you are about to eat, ask yourself the QUESTION.  If you decide you are feeding your mind, make the appropriate changes, omissions or additions to your meal.

Answering honestly will help you to determine whether the food choice is right, the amount of food is right, and if the timing of the food is right for your body.

Face it, you already have all the answers.

You know what is and is not good for your body and when you need to eat.  Use the QUESTION so your mind doesn’t allow you to act confused.  Fruits, Vegetables, Lean Meats, Water.  Start there and feed your body before your mind worries you about the difficulty with going gluten-free.

Food is a drug.

People who have overcome challenges with drugs still face those challenges every day.  The plan to stay drug-free is simple:

Use effective strategies to avoid bad habits and take it one day at a time.  

For your challenges with food, take one meal at a time.  The effective strategy is to ask, answer and adapt to THE QUESTION.

Now I know you may have one QUESTION of your own:

Is it ever ok to feed my mind?”  My answer is, “of course.”

Whether you want to call it a cheat meal, a treat or a sweet indulgence, I think you need to keep your mind happy too.

But this is not a license to allow your mind to destroy your body.

Constantly indulging your mind at the expense of your body is not the answer.

If you have a sweet tooth, have a taste of chocolate, not the whole bar.

If you like steak, cut it in smaller pieces and save some for later.

Want some ice cream? Have a small cone, not the whole gallon.

But which ever you choose, when you are treating your mind, do not forget to ask yourself the QUESTION.

Can it be that simple?

Give it a try and see for yourself.

Are You Feeding Your Body Or Your Mind?

The answer could set you free,


Do you need help with any of these tips? Looking to start a fitness program?

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Does Exercise Scare You?

The Secret to Every Successful Diet And Fitness Program

Sometimes the big secret to doing something is just showing up.  In this article from TFW Founder, Martin Rooney, he will help you overcome the possible fear and doubt you may currently have about joining a fitness program.  Enjoy the article and I hope you find what you should really be fearful of.

People are naturally afraid of things like heights, snakes and spiders.  Put most children and adults up on something really high or hand them a python and they will give you the same reaction.

Fortunately for you (unless you are a skydiver or collector of reptiles,) you probably don’t have to elicit these inborn fear responses very often.

Unfortunately for you, however, since there are centers of your brain always on the hunt for things of which to be afraid, when old fears start to disappear from your life, your brain is excellent at creating new ones.

I see this fear creation ability first hand at almost every gym I visit around the world.

Recently we held an orientation for the new members of our TFW program. I thought this hour-long event was to introduce and explain to the 25 new people about the program and how to best benefit from the training, but I was wrong.

Instead, I realized I had to remove the fear all of these people have about joining and participating in an exercise program.

How did I know?

Terror is easy to read on the faces of your audience when you are standing in front of them.

A new member of a fitness program is easy to spot. When the new members entered the building last night, I could immediately recognize most of them were anxious.

Unlike walking into a movie theater, restaurant, or mall for the first time, these people were downright apprehensive.

I was saddened when I saw this behavior, because I realized the current message about exercise being portrayed to people must be too “extreme,” “insane,” and “hardcore.”

Gone are the days that people gladly get a new pair of running shoes, an outfit and join the gym. Now people procrastinate searching the web about training only to get terrified and confused by the concept of having to go “Paleo” and the prospect of tearing off the palm of your hand after switching to “beast mode.”

To be clear, exercise is not scary.  And at TFW we will prove it.

You see, sitting on the couch and eating fast food is scary.

Lifting a bar with weights off the floor while working out is not dangerous.  Lifting too much food to your mouth without working out is dangerous.

Running, jumping and sweating is not going to disable you.  

Cancer, diabetes and heart disease will disable you.  


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Fitness is not the enemy here.  Obesity (which can be the cause of all the other diseases I mentioned) is the enemy here and I want you to be more afraid of that.

During the evening, as I talked about the expectations for the program, I could see the fear start to melt away.  The initial anxious scowls were turned into optimistic smiles.

But I had to wonder:

What about all the people that didn’t come tonight because they were too afraid?  What about the people around the world that walk up to a gym door, but can’t muster the courage to open it and walk in?

That was the moment I knew I had to write this in hopes at least one reader is empowered to use the “Most Important Aspect of a Successful Fitness Program.

The highlight of the orientation was not me presenting, but my wife and another TFW veteran named Michael sharing the results our program has produced for them.  Both testimonials about how the program has helped them in terms of weight loss, muscle gain and the reduction of health risks was valuable, but each of them shared the secret to succeeding at anything:


Michael let the group know he spends his days driving for work and had gained over 50 pounds.  He knew he was eating the wrong things. He knew exercise was important.  He heard it from both his doctor and his kids.

Notches on his belts his tailor was telling him too. But he said nothing happened until he committed and SHOWED UP the first day.  My wife shared similar challenges and just the simple action of SHOWING UP wiped that fear away enough to let her get started.

Do any of these make you nervous about starting something new?

  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Change
  • Fear of Injury
  • Fear of Rejection
  • Fear of Reality

If you are fearful about starting anything new like a fitness program, career choice, musical instrument or even writing a blog, the secret of SHOWING UP will make those nerves go away.

Action is the magical cure to your fears and you don’t need a prescription to get it.  Action is where the fear ends and the excitement begins.

SHOW UP and you can no longer let the first step be what’s holding you back.

SHOW UP and your calling, art, passion becomes more believable.

SHOW UP and your potential will start to come through.

The first thing I did at the orientation was congratulate the attendees on his or her courage.  When they looked back quizzically, I reminded them they had already taken the most courageous step: they SHOWED UP.

Now I am challenging you.

You are letting your fears hold you back from something.  Whether it is your fitness, family, work or passion, you know the world is waiting for more.  At Training For Warriors, we ask you to be a warrior.

A warrior is defined as a fighter.

A warrior is also defined as being brave.

And bravery is not the absence of fear, it is SHOWING UP in spite of it.

Time to SHOW UP,


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Can Exercise and Broccoli Save Your Life?

If you are like most people, you know what to do when it comes to exercise and nutrition, but you may also find it difficult to do what you know!  At TFW we understand this and this is why you get a motivating coach during every TFW session to help you take action. The following is an article from our Founder, Martin Rooney and covers the challenges you may face and how to solve them.

Did you ever get excited about a new workout or diet program only to find it too complex or confusing to follow?  Even though you started with great intentions, you probably learned an important truth about yourself and other people:

When people are faced with too many options, they usually choose to do nothing at all.

If you have to be Einstein to figure out today’s Russian-inspired plyometric workout or a nutritionist to understand your meal plan has to be grass-fed, organic and or raw, it will probably be easier skip the gym, hit the couch and keep eating Cheetos.

Just like your fitness program or diet, you have probably found other aspects of your life will also stall when there are too many “moving parts.”  Maybe you have had business plans fail when there are “too many cooks in the kitchen.”  Or you went to a restaurant and after seeing over 100 different choices on the menu you defaulted to “burger and fries.”

If you have ever found it hard to decide on a movie or article of clothing and just walked out of the store after taking no action, you know what I am talking about.   In any of these cases, again you should have learned the lesson that too many choices are not always a good thing.

Many times, too many choices ultimately get you nowhere.

Why then do we have to make things seem so hard in fitness and nutrition?  Maybe you like the attraction of new and exotic training ideas and food, but know that same exoticness also often paralyzes you from doing anything.  And if you don’t do anything, you can’t get results.

So next time you want to try to add the gogi berry or some other new fruit they found in a country you never heard of, think again.

Over the years, I have realized you don’t need to give a person a rocket ship when all they needed was a rowboat.  Training can still have some “sizzle” without having to be confusing.  You just have to get excited again about the basics.

Last week I visited a few TFW gyms in the Chicago area.

I met people that had lost hundreds of pounds and others that were now off medication for the first time in years.  But for each person I met, I knew there were others out there choosing to do nothing due to either fear or confusion.

Meeting the people training at the TFW facilities only strengthened the message: You Have To Start Somewhere!

And at TFW, we make it pretty easy for you.  You just have to start with two simple things: DEADLIFTS and BROCCOLI.

At TFW we teach people to get “started with the simple.”  Warriors in our program are brought back to the basics.  And two basics I know work are deadlifts and broccoli!

Why Deadlifts?

It is a functional movement that most people can easily perform.  You will have to pick stuff up during your day, so why not get better at it?  Deadlifts work a high percentage of your muscles from the bottoms of your feet to the tips of your fingers.

And people love watching his or her numbers increase. And few photos get more internet “likes” than when you are standing with a bunch of weight in your hands.

Oh, the deadlift isn’t fun?

Why Broccoli?

Well maybe you don’t know as much about the “green warrior” as you should!  Broccoli, which has been called “one of the world’s healthiest foods,” is a great source of Vitamins C and K which can help healing, collagen formation and protect you from free radicals.

Broccoli has also been cited for anti-inflammatory and detoxification properties as well as a great food in the battle against cancer.  And above all, when people eat it, they know they are doing something good for themselves.

How do I know we are getting the broccoli message out there?  When people dress up as broccoli at TFW events, you know people are taking the idea seriously.

Are both of those the be all and end all for training?  No, but they get you started which can lead to even more good habits.   Give someone 1,000 choices and they will do nothing.  Give them 2 and they can get started.

How can you get started with Deadlifts and Broccoli?

Simple: Add more weight on your bar, add more broccoli on your plate.  If you do both, you will not only be stronger and healthier, but you have also done the most important thing: you will have started.

Want to get started with an exercise routine?

My advice is to stop looking for the new and shiny idea and find something you believe in.  As I have always said, “stand for something or fall for anything.”  Two things I know for sure.  As a result of the 260 TFW affiliates around the world, more people deadlift and more people eat broccoli.  And it is making a difference.

What are your two positive things?

What are two things you believe in?

Once you discover them, I challenge you to make the world a better place by getting people to do them!

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Eat your broccoli,


Need help with your nutrition? Looking to start a fitness program?  We will be starting our jump start program, “8 Week Warrior Transformation” is starting the first week of May, 2017!

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Are You Over Training?

Are you suffering from chronic injures or pain related to physical activity such as running, strength training, group fitness, triathlon training etc?  Thousands are side lined each year by chronic overuse injuries.
Types of Over Training
We know there are different types of over-training. Well lets explore how the restoration process works! You will need to start with recognizing the type of over-training such as Type A parasympathetic (adrenal) or Type B sympathetic over-training. Once you have determined this (you may need help figuring this out you may begin to chart a course for recovery.
How do we restore?
There are three main means of restoration or recovery.  They are as follows: 1) Pedagogical/coaching, 2) Biological/medical and 3) Psychological. Big words, little meaning at this point, right? Well, let’s break down what is involved in each.
Step One
1) Pedagogical coaching represents using a coaching system that involves periodization and or a method which manipulates all variables of training. Variables such as length of a phase of training, or intensity, volume, rest periods and type of individual workouts. Without extensive reading this is what a quality program provides. Many group fitness programs are not periodized.  Truth be known, planning is lacking in many group fitness formats.  Your periodization program may need changes along the way to your goal. External circumstances such as work, nutrition, sleep, other stressors can impact the overall result.
You Might Consider
2) The medical\biological category means connecting with trained and experienced providers such as a professional coach, medical doctor, nutritional coach, or combinations thereof generally require seeking advise of a professional. As the athlete, fitness enthusiast, or weekend athlete you need to be ready to accept advice from a professional coach or other provider.
 In Some Cases
3) Psychological means or methods either self administered such as biofeedback, or therapist administered can be the key to success. You first need to respect your injury or condition and accept your not infallible. Then, you can move forward to healing.  The medical and psychological means are beyond the scope that I should discuss in detail. It is best if needed to seek advise of a qualified sports medicine professional such as a family practice sports medicine doctor. Did you know they exist. Yes, family medicine sports medicine doctors do exist. So, seek them out as needed for injury management.
 Also, Consider
Additionally, psychological therapies can include things such as hypnosis, autogenic training, visualization, meditation and other psychotherapy recommendations.  Next we need to discuss the many physical means of restoration. Active physical means of restoration include massage, PNF stretching, Acupressure, Tai Chi, Yoga, etc. Inactive methods include activities such as massage, trigger point therapy, aromatherapy, progressive relaxation, meditation or breathing regimes.  
How Is Your Nutrition Planning
Proper nutrition and nutrient timing is significant in the recovery process. Ensuring that your intake of a balanced snack including adequate protein within 45 min. of working out is critical to maintaining lean body tissue. This could be with a whole food meal or supplementation. If you have food allergies or digestive conditions you may need to seek the advice of a Registered Dietitian or Nutrition Coach to form an appropriate plan.  Research more at and or take this survey at .  We also now are coming to understand that getting more and more protein from plant based sources can be beneficial as well.  See more at
Action Plan
So, how and when should you restore\recover. Try evaluating yourself weekly and logging how you feel in a diary or training software. Choose one of the following categories:  1) No muscle pain 2-3 days past a workout (typical delayed onset muscle soreness.  2) Minor prolonged muscle or joint pain,  3) Definate prolonged muscle pain, spasm, abnormal tightness or disturbance,  4) Acute illness, injury or condition.
Category one requires no immediate interventions. Continue to follow your periodization plan and utilize active recovery built into the program.  Working with a coach or training specialist to help you bring balance into your programming and overall physical activity is recommended.
Category two may require more self myofacial release (foam rolling), or Jamba release. Seeking a massage and evaluating nutrition, hydration etc. is helpful. Contrast methods such as hydrotherapy techniques of sitting in warm vs. cool water can be helpful.
Category three may require time off 2-3 days or more from moderate to high intensity exercise. and also consider seeking medical advice or assistance. Follow suggestions for category two if allowed by physician, chiropractor, or therapist.
Category four require seeking rehabilitative recommendations followed with a corrective exercise regimen that rebuilds tissue integrity, strength and endurance.  The systems in the programming at Training for Warriors East Metro addresses many of the areas in this article by taking a pro-active approach to planning , programming and appropriate adaptations to what we call your practices!  Care to learn more about our system and try a 28 Trail membership of classes?  CLICK HERE to learn more
Finally, if you choose to work with a coach, trainer, massage therapist, physician, chiropractor or other such professional, make sure you can effectively relate to that person. You want to seek someone who can listen to you and make an appropriate educated and logical approach to healing. Be well, find time to restore and listen to your body.   We also provide corrective exercise assessment and programming utilizing Muscle Activation Technique and other strategies in a 1\1 coaching environment.  If you have specific needs  or concerns that 1\1 coaching may be of benefit please contact us here at:




Overcome Your Fitness Obstacle

So 2017 is here!   What fitness obstacle do you have?  Are one of the following items limiting you from success with your physical fitness?  Most of the clients I have seen over the years struggle with one of the items listed here:
• No Motivation
• No Energy
• Overwhelmed
• Don’t Know What To Do
• Don’t Know Where To Start
• Tried Everything
• Accountability
• Given Up

Hopefully your obstacle to improved fitness, building muscle, burning fat and feeling good does not hurt like this guy’s situation.

Now how do you deal with the above noted obstacles?  These are some big things that you may feel stop you from getting to the success you really are looking for long term!

Motivation: Consider coaching as an option?  In my experience coaches are needed in our lives for areas other than sports.  Some of you may have grown up playing sports.  Others, maybe playing in a band or drama.  In any of those situations you had a coach. You had someone that mentored you and helped you stay focused on what mattered!  At TFW East Metro we believe in coaching!

No Energy: Are you exhausted?  Running kids to sports, working 12 hour days, working 2 jobs, single parent, over committed, and trying to live the american dream keeping up with the neighbors and friends in your life.  This will drain the tank and leave you with little energy for your own life and well being.  As Coaches we help you slowly fine the balance you need and re-arrange priorities.

Overwhelmed: So with all the duties you have at home, work and with your family, you just can not do one more thing?  The word “busy” comes up every time you try to make progress and it stops you!  At TFW East Metro we believe the word “busy” is dangerous.  It means you are not putting yourself high enough on the priority list.  We will show you how to start making adjustments to your life and get yourself moved up on the list!

Don’t Know What To Do\Where To Start:  So it has been over 10 years since you have worked out.  Or, maybe you have been trying to workout, but nothing seems to deliver the results you want.  We deliver the the best in coaching and exercise programs that are realistic, based on good science and designed to deliver results.

Tried Everything:  You have tried many other programs.  Some involved supplements, others exercise..   The last one involved a big fancy 24-7 fitness center.  None of it is working.  Why?   The coaching and a balance in how you are approaching your life will make a huge difference!  Make 2017 the year you break out!

Accountability:  So who is really keeping you accountable?   Your gym?  The gym that loves it when you do not show up!  Look, I know for a fact that most gyms make their money on those that do not show up.  Is that you?  We are here to serve and our mission is to keep you engaged and to get you results!

Given Up:  This is the most serious one.  You can NOT give up!  Life is worth it.  There is nothing wrong with you.  You are here to have an impact someone’s life and to impact others in your life.  We are here to make sure that happens.  Let us coach you to better health and fitness!

GET STARTED NOW!  I have designed a four part video course just for you.  This is a great video class for you if any of the above areas connected for you today.  I call this class “Fitness Week” and would love it if you signed up and watched all four videos!  This is my gift to you and and my way of getting you started on the right track!  Register for this class at

Now is the time to make 2017 a great year!  Get started today.  Another option with our program is to learn more about our 8 Week Transformation Program.  To get details on how our program may help you contact us at

What does fitness mean?

Author: Coach Gabe Meyer

The Truth About Being “Fit”

Being “fit” is a word commonly thrown around in everyday life. But what does it mean? What is fit? Does it mean having a “healthy” BMI (Body Mass Index)?  Does it mean having a “healthy” Body Fat Percentage? We are constantly confused by what the word fit means, as well as the requirements are to be fit.

Now, understanding what being fit means is much simpler than the media makes it. Put simply, being fit is whatever you want it to be. Everyone’s fit is different. A 300 pound offensive lineman in the NFL is fit, that is the shape he needs to be in. He’s strong, agile, quick, and incredibly fast for his size. A marathon runner who weighs 140 pounds is fit. He/she has incredible cardiovascular endurance. He/she might not be able to do 15 pushups, but that is not their goal.

Again, being fit is what you want it to be. As long as you are eating healthy and training regularly, you will become the fit person you want to be. Whether that means losing that 30 pounds you’ve been struggling with, or gaining the strength you want, or anything in between.

If you’re still questioning just how fit you are, ask yourself the following. On a scale of one to ten, what level of being physical fit am I currently at? A one being: everything physical is difficult, everything feels heavy, constantly out of breath, etc. A ten being: you have achieved everything you could possibly want to in physical fitness. I believe there is actually no such thing as a real “ten”. Anyone who gets close to that level will tell you they constantly are thinking of new goals, ways to better themselves, and new challenges to overcome. It is a lifestyle.

If you are anywhere on that scale, whether you’re a one, a ten, somewhere in between, or maybe you still aren’t sure, then we have some work to do. We want to get you to where you want to be by improving all the components of physical fitness.  This includes your cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, body composition, and muscular strength. These are all key aspects in getting the Fit body you are seeking. In order to achieve your goal, we need to find a balance of all of those components.  Having a balance is crucial.

You might ask, “why all of those? I just want to be able to go for longer runs, and have a smaller waist, I don’t want to lift weights or stretch.” Well, say all we do is work on cardiorespiratory endurance, that heavy laundry basket is still going to be heavy carrying up the stairs, and it’s still going to take a little breath away. And your waist? Doing things like lifting weights and resistance training exercises is only going to help you lose the weight you want to. And flexibility?  Improving flexibility will make your stride length longer, making it easier for you to travel further.


See we need to develop our entire body, our entire potential. It is crucial for everyday life, and your health. The more components we take advantage of, the faster we will achieve our goals.

Here at Training for Warriors East Metro (TFW East Metro), we will support whatever goals you have, and do whatever we have to help you achieve your goals. Our program is tailored for anyone and everyone. If you are looking for support, accountability, and progress in your fitness goals and lifestyle, than this is the place for you.   It is never to late to start!  Get more information on our next 8 Week Transformation at

Better Results in 2017

This is a time of year when you should be reflecting on this past year. Do you remember what your goals were at the beginning of the year? My challenge to you at this point is to look back and really reflect on what are the successes you have experienced. Maybe you accomplished some of the following:

1) Got started at the gym,
2) Started to eat less processed foods
3) Lost that 10 lbs or more you wanted to lose, or
4) Found a motivating workout partner.


However, maybe your reflection reveals something very different that tells a story of initial determination that ended in exhaustion, bad choices and ultimately failure. Beginning January 9th we will be hosting via email, facebook and video media a week called “Fitness Week”. This is a chance to learn more about how to successfully engage in a process of change that is long lasting and yield results! You can get registered now at

Lisa’s Story

Lisa’s Story

Years of crash diets, programs, gym memberships all failed. My family primarily ate fast food and lots of buffets. I have been heavy all of my adult life. After my second son I was in the 300’s. I managed to lose some but always gained it back. I struggle with binge eating disorder and stress triggers it. After losing my mother to cancer in 2013 I fell into a deep depression. I struggled with life. Finally, at 345 lbs my doctor told me I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and I had a huge risk of having diabetes. She was very frank with me. That day I decided I needed to change. I changed my diet and started walking.

Lisa is living a new life she never thought she could!
Lisa is living a new life she never thought she could!

In 2016 I found and ad on facebook for TFW East Metro. I called and signed up for the 8 Week Program. My life has never been the same! The moment I met the group of people I work out with I felt welcome. “Normal people that sweat and are all different shapes, sizes, and ages! All there at the dojo for the same reason. I never in my life thought I would be part of such an amazing group of people. I have hit goals and still going strong. The support has been monumental. They system they have in place is amazing. All the work is worth it! And I have two amazing coaches by my side cheering me on!

i would yell from the roof tops to anyone that would listen to tell them to join this fantastic family. I cannot express how grateful I am for these wonderful people! They saved my life! I have made new friends and now lost over 80 lbs. With the help of Training for Warriors this is only the beginning.

Get started on a better life and contact us today for a free strategy session and discuss if our program is the right fit for you! Click here>>

How To Use Your Mirror!

Every day I wake up and follow a certain order of things. I start my shower, get clothes ready for the day, take my shower, (look in the mirror) check my hair (of which I barely have), brush my teeth and go on with my day. At the end of my day, I also take time to look in the mirror while brushing my teeth and think about my day. The mirror is something that most of you will use multiple times per day. Possibly to check your apparel, your hair, your teeth, etc.. The mirror is something that many people actually will try to avoid if at all possible. Looking in the mirror actually becomes a negative moment in the day for many people.

How can you use your mirror more effectively and positively? In Martin Rooney’s latest book, “The Book of Five Things” he writes about the many uses of mirrors. I spoke of some obvious uses, others listed in the book are interesting too! You can get more information on his book at

At times in the dojo, we use a mirror to correct form or technique in performing exercises. Basically using the mirror as a test! A test of how we are doing. Well, Martin also talks of “The Rooney Mirror Test” in this book. The suggestion is to look in the mirror at the end of the day and ask yourself these five questions:

1) Did I exercise and develop my body today?
2) Did I eat well today?
3) Did I learn something new today?
4) Did I make someone feel better today?
5) Did I make a positive step toward a major goal today?

If you answered yes to all 5 questions according to the book you pass the test! If not, you fail. The more days you have failed in answering yes to these five questions the more likely you will fail at many of your goals in your life.

Are you ready to start a new path in your life? At Training for Warriors East Metro in Cottage Grove we strive each day to help people legitimately answer yes to these questions! The time to learn more about our program is now. Click here to let us know you are interested in details on a 28 Day Trial at our dojo.